Stuart Macdonald was recently visiting professor in the School of Economics at Aalto University in Helsinki, and is currently visiting professor in the School of Management at the University of Leicester.

Research is inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and international, primarily into the role of information in innovation, and the implications of this role for policy and strategy. Research projects include the information contract between management consultant and client (ESRC), the logic of science parks (National Intelligence Council, Washington), innovation in partnerships (GlaxoSmithKline and Barnardos), appropriate training for innovation in UK SMEs (European Commission), appropriate education for the management of innovation (Commission of Inquiry into Management Research in Australia), innovation networks in European IT (ESRC and European Commission), the relationship between patenting and the innovation of SMEs (ESRC), an inquiry into the patent practices of SMEs in Europe (European Commission), and an investigation into the relationship between intellectual property rights and the competitiveness of SMEs in South-East Asia (ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta). Current research is into university patenting, science parks, innovation in China, the networks of the Advanced Institute of Management, academic publishing, and lying. A constant theme of the research is the interaction of formal and institutional information systems with informal and personal systems.