Prometheus: critical studies in innovation

Prometheus is now in its 35th year as an international, multidisciplinary journal published by Taylor and Francis. Prometheus is concerned with innovation, by which is meant the production, introduction and diffusion of change. Over the years, the journal’s scope has expanded to cover:

  • the history of innovation
  • information for innovation
  • invention and creativity
  • research and development
  • diffusion of innovation
  • science and technology policy
  • organisational strategy for innovation
  • intellectual property rights
  • communication and information technology
  • networks and spatial dimensions of innovation
  • open innovation
  • the social, economic and political environment of innovation
  • the management of innovation
  • the evaluation of innovation

Prometheus offers an outlet for authors who want their papers read rather than counted, where original thinking and expression are more valued than formulaic presentation. It offers authors quick and personal advice through single-blind refereeing, tapping the world’s expertise rather than that of an editorial board. Expert editors guide authors through the publication process. The emphasis is on improving papers wherever possible rather than on summarily rejecting them. Prometheus publishes critical papers (those that express – and justify – opinions on innovation issues), and is particularly attracted to papers that challenge prevailing views. The papers it publishes are neither so technical nor so specialised that they cannot be appreciated by a wide readership that includes academics, practitioners and policy makers – and excludes no one. Prometheus also publishes book reviews.

Prometheus editors

Professor Stuart Macdonald, University of Leicester (general editor)
Professor Peter Drahos, Australian National University
Professor Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht, Massey University
Professor Richard Hawkins, University of Calgary
Dr Steven Henderson, Southampton University Solent University
Dr Richard Joseph, Perth
Dr Karmo Kroos, Estonian Business School
Professor Sara McGaughey, Griffith University Professor Josephine Maltby, University of York
Professor Robin Mansell, London School of Economics and Political Science Professor
Martin Meyer, University of Kent
Dr Joanne Roberts, Southampton University
Dr Martin Wardrop, Canberra
Dr Uta Wehn, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft

The journal’s cover depicts Prometheus himself being punished for giving man the gods’ technology for making and keeping fire. For his efforts, Prometheus was chained to a rock to have an eagle devour his liver every night. By day, the liver re-generated in preparation for further nocturnal pecking. The modern academic author, expected to publish in the right journals, and therefore to say the right things in the right way, may empathise: a pecking awaits those who do not conform. Prometheus offers an outlet for authors who are anxious to give the world new thoughts on innovation, despite the consequences. Such papers should be submitted to the general editor:

Stuart Macdonald
General Editor, Prometheus
Visiting professor, School of Management, University of Leicester
landline: 44 (0)1993-772871
mobile: 44 (0)7740465284