Reports and Papers

This list does not include unpublished conference papers, book reviews, newspaper articles or broadcast material.

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Government Policy and the IT Productivity Paradox (with D. Kimbel and P. Sleath), report to Department of Trade and Industry, November 1999.

Information for Innovation in SMEs: The Impact of the Education and Training Provided by the Yorkshire and Humberside Universities’ Association (with P. Senker, P. Leisch, P. Anderson and D. Assimakopoulos,) report to Yorkshire and Humberside Universities’ Association, Sheffield, June 2001.

Maximising the Contribution of IP Rights to SME Growth and Competitiveness (with T. Turpin and A. Ancog), Regional Economic Policy Support Facility Report No. 03/005, ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, September 2005.