What Is Prometheus?

Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation

Prometheus is an international, multidisciplinary journal publishing papers
on innovation, by which we mean the production, introduction and diffusion
of change. Prometheus publishes critical papers, those that express – and
justify – opinions on innovation issues. We are particularly attracted to papers
that challenge prevailing views. We encourage debate. From a core interest in
technological change and the information required to bring it about, the
journal’s scope has expanded to cover:

These approaches include:

  • the history of innovation
  • information for innovation
  • invention and creativity
  • research and development
  • diffusion of innovation
  • science and technology policy
  • organisational strategy for innovation
  • intellectual property rights
  • communication and information technology
  • networks and spatial dimensions of innovation
  • open innovation
  • the social, economic and political environment of innovation
  • the management of innovation
  • the evaluation of innovation

Papers should not be so technical or specialised that they cannot be
appreciated by a wide readership that includes academics, practitioners and
policy makers and excludes no one.

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Stuart Macdonald,
School of Management,
University of Leicester, UK

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